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Best restaurants to visit in Diani!

All contacts, directions, and pointers are noted in our guest book (in your suite ♡).

Ali Barbour’s Cave Restaurant:

Looking for a truly authentic and romantic restaurant, »The Cave« is the one! Take your loved one on a special date set inside an ancient coral cove and lit by warm candlelight. The a la carte menu specializes in seafood and international & traditional cuisine and is accompanied by a great wine list. The restaurant is famous among the Diani local residents for its great food and amazing setup. »The Cave« is more pricy than others but worth your money. The Restaurant opens every day from 7 pm. Reservations are required. Sadly children under the age of 6 are not allowed.

Nomads Beach Bar & Restaurant:

Nomads is another local favorite. They are located in central Diani, with a beachfront view! This is the place to go for lunch or dinner and enjoy a meal, whilst listening to the sounds of the ocean and beach breeze. They offer a delicious choice of fine dining international cuisine, fresh seafood, and Italian pizza (all made by the Italian head chef). The menu is sheer; therefore, you can order such meals as fresh sushi and coastal Kenyan Dishes. I personally suggest checking out their range of amazing cocktails. Reservations are not required.

Sails – Almanara:

“The Sails” is a special high-end restaurant in Diani. This is the best place to be at the beach and enjoy the piece. The restaurant is embraced with beautiful architecture. Surrounding the tables are sweeping sails and curving beams allowing fresh air flow. The Head Chef oversees the kitchen and prepares the menu and specials each week using only the freshest ingredients which are all locally sourced. Being at the coast, Seafood is of course front and center with local fishermen delivering their catch of Lobster, Prawns, Snapper, Tuna and more every day. The rest of the menu comprises international favorites along with some Italian and Thai influences. Prices at the restaurant are more on the high side. I recommend making reservations beforehand.

Sashinka Diani:

This is the first and best sushi restaurant on the Kenyan coast. Locals love to come to visit this restaurant at least once a fortnight. The head chef and owner himself is Japanese. All of the dishes are carefully prepared and perfected to Japanese sushi standards. This is a place that I recommend visiting at least once during your time in Diani.

Jolly Bar Pizzeria

Jolly’s is an Italian restaurant in Diani, that is most popular for its pizzas. They offer a wide range of delicious pizzas made with fresh Italian ingredients. Besides pizza, you can order other food, such as lasagna, calamari, garlic bread and more goodies. Jolly’s is open every day besides Mondays. They also offer home delivery, which makes a lovely movie evening snack. The prices are fair and you get excellent quality food.

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